Six years ago we started as a local coffee shop and coffee roaster with a Probatone 5. Our mission - to build a cozy coffee community. We focused on practicing and implementing our coffee knowledge and bettering our roasting practices and brewing protocol. We understood that we had the responsibility to cultivate the local coffee community. Within that time, our community had expanded along with demand. After three years of firm focus, we had created and developed our second branch in 2019.The vision remained the same, and with the help of our previous experience, our expertise in roastery broadened with the upgrade into Probatone 12. Today, we have five branches and a coffee roasting factory, equipped with the Probat G75. As we stand today, we are capable of producing 800-1000 kgs of coffee per day


As the leading specialty coffee producing company in Mongolia, our key members are baristas and roasters. Within the service industry there is the added demand of food, and we are able to cater to these demands that our customers place upon us as, today, we are manned with 70+ staff. With our manpower, we proudly serve a thousand cups of coffee on a daily basis in our branches. Our packaged coffee sales reach 100,000 cups per day across other coffee shops and home brewers across the country. Our community of customers and coffee enthusiasts alike are the representation of who we are and how we came here



We only use world-class professional coffee equipment. Our roastery is exclusively equipped with Probat roasting machineries. Our espresso bars use La Marzocco and Bezzera espresso machines, along with Mazzer and Mahlkonig grinders. We use Hario for brewed coffee. Our baristas go through rigorous training and work by the way of ranks to cultivate the necessary skills. Serving baristas are the highest skilled and uphold the utmost discipline.



As a country that doesn’t produce green coffee beans, maintaining our fresh “crop-to-cup” principle comes with a certain set of challenges. To overcome these challenges, we have a long lasting partnership with List + Biesler. We have chosen the best single origin crops from around the world, which List + Biesler collects in Hamburg. From there, our beans come via Poland - Belarus - Russia – then to Mongolia. We also set regulations with Mongolian customs affiliated to green beans. Thanks to this rigorous and enriching pathway, we can confidently say we can stay true to each and every bean